Welcome to ChoicePoint Achievement

ChoicePoint Achievement is a high values based, ongoing, long term reinforced training and development company. We work with students that range in age from 13-22. Along with support from their parents and teachers we help them learn ways to reach levels of achievement that often go unrealized.

We specifically help students by way of one-on-one coaching and classroom participation in goal setting, communication and leadership skills, mental preparation, values and ethics training, and time management. This comprehensive program includes detailed assessments and evaluation of the students current level of performance, along with curriculum to map out his or her personal, academic, athletic and professional aspirations.


ChoicePoint Achievement will provide an environment and the means for students to fully realize their personal development in the areas of character, confidence and other life skills.


We are dedicated to the success of each individual student, and along with the support of their parents, teachers, and often times athletic coach, will provide them with the instruction and coaching necessary to master the skills, habits and strategies that will empower them to achieve their potential in their personal, educational, athletic and professional lives.

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